Mount Bromo Ijen Tour from Surabaya (3 Days Package) – Mount Bromo Ijen Tour from Surabaya 3 days 2 nights is suitable for those of you who want to travel to enjoy calming natural views. You can watch the sunrise from the peak of Bromo, then see the unbeatable charm of the Ijen Crater.

Tour to Bromo + Ijen from Surabaya

This package is a combination that we highly recommend if you have holiday time that you don’t want to waste. Through a tour to Bromo and Ijen Crater with us, you will have a comfortable and enjoyable adventure.

To take part in this three day and two night package, you can understand the itinerary we provide from start to finish below.

Itinerary Mount Bromo Ijen Tour from Surabaya 3 Days 2 Nights

Three days and two nights is the ideal time to explore the beauty of Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater. Whether traveling solo, with a partner, or with friends, you will enjoy valuable time with our team who will guide you from the start of the tour until you return to your destination.

The itinerary from day one to day three that you will undertake is as follows:

Day 1: Pick up from Surabaya – Drop off at Hotel in Bromo Area

On the first day, the tour will start from the Surabaya area at nine in the morning, or according to your agreed time. We will pick you up together with a driver and tour guide who will approach your location, either at the hotel, at the airport or at the station.

Then, you and our team will drive to Bromo with a journey duration ranging from three to four hours. After arriving at the Bromo area, we will take you to the destination hotel where you are staying.
You can rest first before undergoing the mount bromo Ijen tour from Surabaya 3 days 2 nights with us.

If you are interested, you can also visit the tourist destination of Madakaripura Waterfall. We will take you before heading to the hotel in Bromo in the morning if the weather is good enough.

Day 2: Mount Bromo Tour – Hotel in the Banyuwangi Area

Then, the next day you can start the day at half past four in the morning, especially if the tour runs on a weekday. If you book a tour during the weekend, we must ask you to start the tour early.

For the second day of the tour, you will board a jeep and head to the most popular and famous viewpoint on Mt. Bromo. The viewpoint is called Penanjakan Hill, from which point on the hill you can enjoy the sunrise.

The sunrise view is said to be the best sunrise in the eastern area of Java, because it has a backdrop of volcanoes and mountains.

Then, you will continue your journey to the Sea of Sand. At this tourist point you will stop at the parking area, then rent a horse to cross the sea of sand to make the experience more memorable.

You can go to the stairs on the slopes of Mount Bromo, then climb them to reach the peak of Mount Bromo and see the volcanic activity of the mountain.

After that, you have to take the jeep back to the hotel to enjoy breakfast, clean up, then get ready to continue the tour again. We will take you to accommodation in the Banyuwangi area, with travel time ranging from five to six hours.

This trip will provide views of villages, rice fields, gardens, and beaches along the left and right. On the way, you can enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. Then, when afternoon arrives, you arrive at the accommodation close to the mount Ijen area.

We have found accommodation that is one hour from Mount Ijen, so that you can reach it more quickly when trekking the next morning.

Last Day: Ijen Crater Tour – Drop in Banyuwangi

On the last day of the Bromo Ijen Crater tour package from Surabaya, you will start the day at five in the morning. You will go to the Paltuding area first, through plantations and rainforests.

As for Paltuding, it is a parking area that has a height of up to 1,850 m. Traveling to this area takes about one hour from your accommodation. After arriving at Paltuding, you have to climb again for 1.5 hours to reach the Ijen Crater.

However, don’t complain yet because during the climbing trip to the peak of the Ijen Crater, you will be presented with an impressive and amazing view. Coupled with the fresh air and birdsong, the climb doesn’t feel like much until you finally reach Mount Ijen.

When you arrive at the top, you will be amazed again by the panorama of this 2,385 meter high crater. There is a lake with a calming turquoise color, especially if you take a photo from above the crater.

Apart from that, you will see sulfur miners descending the inside of the crater to collect sulfur. If you want to take their photo, make sure you give them something afterwards as a form of appreciation, OK?

Then, after being satisfied, enjoy the view above the crater. You will go down to the parking area to take a car to the clove and coffee plantation area, before our team continues back to Banyuwangi City.

After that, you can return to Banyuwangi then go to the hotel to pack. Then, we will take you to the agreed return point, which marks the end of the Ijen Bromo tour.

Facilties of Mount Bromo Ijen Tour from Surabaya 3 Days 2 Nights

After knowing what itinerary you will go on with our team during the Tour Ijen Bromo, here are the facilities you will get in the package:

  • Pick-up transportation in Surabaya
  • 1 night at a hotel in the Bromo area + breakfast
  • 1 night at a hotel in the Ijen area + breakfast
  • Private ground transportation + driver + fuel
  • Jeep for transportation in the Bromo area
  • Entrance ticket to Mount Bromo
  • Entrance ticket to Ijen
  • Vehicle parking fees
  • Gas masks to wear in the Ijen Crater area
  • Mineral water

Meanwhile, the price in this package does not include:

  • Travel insurance
  • Lunch + dinner
  • Tips for the driver and/or guide

So, you can estimate the extra costs that must be prepared to make the tour more comfortable and support your preferences.

Bromo and Ijen Package Prices

2-PEOPLEIDR. 3.100.000,-/Pack
3-PEOPLEIDR. 2.450.000,-/Pack
4-PEOPLEIDR. 2.150.000,-/Pack
5-PEOPLEIDR. 2.000.000,-/Pack

Booking Reservation

After seeing the itinerary and facilities of the Bromo Ijen Crater tour package from Surabaya for 3 days 2 nights, are you interested in ordering the package immediately? If so, Travel Bromo is ready to process, schedule and organize your trip according to your wishes.

Apart from being more practical, you don’t need to worry about accommodation administration and vehicle rental, because we take care of it. All you have to do is state your available budget and the additional facilities you want for us to arrange. Contact and enjoy the stunning beauty of Mt Bromo and Mt Ijen without the hassle!

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