2 Days Mount Bromo Camping Tour from Malang

Travelbromo.com. – For those of you who want to experience a more optimal and memorable experience of being on Mt Bromo. Choosing a Mount Bromo camping tour package is the right step. Because, camping at Bromo is an experience that you must experience at least once in your life.

Compared to staying in a hotel or villa, camping will get you closer to the charming beauty of the Bromo area. Moreover, the calm and cool atmosphere at night gives an unforgettable impression, so you won’t regret choosing this tour package.

We offer a camping package for 2 days 1 night in Bromo for you to enjoy. You can see the itinerary that you will follow below.

Itinerary 2 Days Mount Bromo Camping Tour from Malang

Not only enjoying the sunrise, we will take you to explore the Bromo crater, then the savanna, then Teletubbies Hill, to the charm of the stars and the milky way at night on the beautiful and unforgettable peak of Bromo.

To make this tour a reality, you need to follow the itinerary for the two day, one night camping package as follows:

First Day: Pickup – Tent Setup and Overnight

We will pick you up at noon using the vehicle of your choice at the meeting point that you have previously agreed on. You can determine this pick-up point to make it more convenient, it can be from Malang or Surabaya. Then choose a place such as a station, airport or hotel.

Once you have met our team, we will take you on a drive to Mount Bromo. The duration of the trip can be two to three hours. So it’s enough to rest before doing activities.

After arriving at Bromo, you will immediately use a jeep to get to the camping area located at Bromo Peak. Next, you will be guided by a guide and porter in setting up a tent that you will use to spend the night and rest.

Day 02: Explore Bromo Midnight – Sunrise – Crater

When midnight arrives, you can enjoy the charm of the Milky Way at Bromo Peak from your camping tent. To capture this moment that you shouldn’t waste, you must prepare photo equipment, such as a DSLR or a tripod.

Then, when the Milky Way session and other midnight explorations are finished, you can rest. Because, early in the morning you have to be ready again for the Bromo sunrise or sunrise tour.

After that, you can pack your tent and equipment because it’s time to take breakfast and then go down the hill. You will then board a jeep to return to the tour.

The team will take you to Luhur Poten Temple, then Bromo Crater. Then continue to Whispering Sands, and end with a visit to Savana Grassland then Teletubbies Hill.

When you have finished visiting and enjoying the beauty of these places, you can pack up your existing equipment because this is a sign that the camping package on Bromo has finished. You will be escorted back to your agreed destination location.

Mount Bromo Camping Tour Package Costs and Facilities

After looking at the itinerary for the camping package on Mount Bromo, you must be wondering how much it will cost and the facilities you will get? Therefore, we describe the estimated costs and facilities available from this camping tour package as follows.

Price of Camping Bromo 2 Days 1 Night

The rates or prices below will not apply if you join the package during the long weekend holiday, then the Eid holiday, Christmas holiday, and New Year holiday.

2 PEOPLEIDR. 2.050.000,-/Pack
3 PEOPLEIDR. 1.700.000,-/Pack
4 PEOPLEIDR. 1.555.000,-/Pack
5 PEOPLEIDR. 1.450.000,-/Pack


– This price includes the entrance ticket fee to Bromo specifically for foreign nationals (WNA) visitors.
– Then, the more participants there are in one trip on the camping package, the more affordable the price per person will be. So, you can invite your friends to try this camping package to make it more exciting and more economical too.

Bromo Camping Facilities 2 Days 1 Night

The list of facilities that you will get in the Bromo camping package is as follows:

  • Private Bromo shuttle transportation
  • Expert and professional drivers
  • Tour guide and/or porter
  • Fuel Oil (BBM)
  • Rent a tent in the Bromo area
  • Rent a jeep in the Bromo area
  • Entrance tickets to all Bromo tourist points (only for local participants)
  • Parking fees and tolls
  • Breakfast once and dinner once
  • Charcoal wood for campfire events

Then, you should know that the cost of the camping package does not include the following facilities:

  • Rent a horse in Bromo
  • Eating outside the camping program
  • Personal needs and/or expenses

So, you have to prepare special costs for things outside the facilities we provide if you want camping at Bromo to be more memorable according to your wishes. If necessary, we can rearrange the tour package facilities according to the budget you provide. So that it can be added or reduced according to requests.

Equipment that You Must Prepare

  1. Thick clothing to protect and warm the body in the cold temperatures of Bromo. Examples of clothing, ranging from thick jackets, gloves, masks, scarves, head coverings, to shoes.
  2. Personal medication, especially if you have comorbidities. You can also bring general medicine such as Tolak Angin, but don’t forget to bring special medicine such as an inhaler for those who have asthma.
  3. Photography equipment, such as a DSLR camera, tripod, and camera lens, so that the moment of your camping tour can be captured properly.

That’s information about camping tour packages that are interesting for you to try. Choosing camping in Bromo is the right decision if you want to explore the beauty of Bromo.

To maximize your experience, joining a camping package from travelbromo.com will make your camping tour more practical. Because, you don’t need to organize this yourself, but our team is ready to guide you.

Starting from renting a vehicle, then renting a tent, then providing a driver to a tour guide, are examples of the facilities we provide for you. Your job is just to enjoy the beauty of Bromo so that the tour is more memorable and unforgettable.

How to Book Mount Bromo Camping Tour from Malang

Immediately contact Travel Bromo to order a camping tour and consult in more detail regarding the available tour schedule.

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